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federal agencies) will continue to use XP — and UK and Dutch governments are even Microsoft to continue support, but everyone else is out of luck. The company has agreed to provide anti-malware updates to Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP until 2015.

With 30% market share, Microsoft knows it can't just cut support completely.

You can either bring your existing computer into the Genius Bar when you buy your Mac at an Apple Store and get help migrating data over that way, or you can use the Windows Migration Assistant Apple provides to move Windows data to OS X.

Again, the Migration Assistant won't bring over apps — but it will bring over email, contacts, calendar files, bookmarks, system settings, photos, and music and video files.

Think of a virtual machine as a computer that exists within a computer.

But rather than spending 9 on software, you might want to look at getting a new computer or laptop.

Microsoft has a bunch of Windows 8.1 machines available on its website with special deals for Windows XP users.

Although buying a Mac is more expensive, plenty of users prefer the experience, and the software available for Apple machines is easily on par with what you can get for Windows. Linux is far from perfect, but it has become much more usable in the last few years.

When Mom's Windows XP laptop died a few years ago, I insisted she get a Mac. Thanks to Ubuntu and distributions such as Linux Mint, using Linux no longer has to be scary.

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