Updating edgar access codes

FAVORITES and INFO ICONS A pick list with additional options is available for some text fields on the EDGAR Search form. On the Forms pick list, click the Info Icon for a description of the item including coverage, description, and document format.Click the Star icon on a pick list to designate the item as a Favorite.Now to run it start pyton shell ```bash seccrawler.filing_10K('AAPL', '0000320193', '20010101', '10') ``` This will download the AAPL company's 10-K filings and the data will be saved in "SEC-Edgar-data" folder which will be created on the run time.Example -------- ```python import time from SECEdgar.crawler import Sec Crawler def get_filings(): t1 = time.time() # create object seccrawler = Sec Crawler() company Code = 'AAPL' # company code for apple cik = '0000320193' # cik code for apple date = '20010101' # date from which filings should be downloaded count = '10' # no of filings seccrawler.filing_10Q(str(company Code), str(cik), str(date), str(count)) seccrawler.filing_10K(str(company Code), str(cik), str(date), str(count)) seccrawler.filing_8K(str(company Code), str(cik), str(date), str(count)) seccrawler.filing_13F(str(company Code), str(cik), str(date), str(count)) t2 = time.time() print "Total Time taken: ", print (t2-t1) if __name__ == '__main__': get_filings() ``` Supported Methods ----------------- Currently this cralwer supports only 4 filings * 10-K * 10-Q * 8-K * 13-F I have maintained a list of companies with their cik code and the file can be downlaoded from [here][2].

The system allows you to research a company’s activities, registration statements, prospectuses, and periodic reports, which include financial statements.Amended filings are designated by adding “/A” after the file name. The SEC’s website includes a description of form types accepted by EDGAR.This post looks at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR database.EDGAR is a rich source of data containing regulatory filings from publicly-traded US corporations including their annual and quarterly reports: All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR.Anyone can access and download this information for free.

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