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She and ex-con Gary Steven Krist kidnapped the daughter of a Florida developer from a Decatur, Ga., motel on Dec. The duo buried the heiress, Barbara Jane Mackle, in a shallow grave in a coffin with ventilation tubes and food. Since its inception, the 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list has led to the capture or location of 474 criminals.

A total of 505 fugitives have made the list in 66 years.

Despite his effort to destroy the evidence of his horrible deed, authorities were able to identify the victim and tie Urbina to the murder.

The Mexican-born Urbina is 5-foot-11 with pockmark acne on his right cheek.

The resulting news story drew so much interest that the list was institutionalized by FBI Director J.Urbina was free on bond after brutally raping a woman, authorities say, when he landed a gig as a garage attendant on Chicago’s south side.Urbina then allegedly raped and murdered a second woman, a customer whose body was found in the trunk of a charred car in a desolate alley in October 1998.Council President candidate Alex Wan (District 6) has a score of 47.1.His score, which at one point was the lowest on the scorecard, has recently improved.

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