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Protecting the home front, Jewish police officers have appeared onscreen as well.Liev Schreiber plays a Chasidic cop on Fading Gigolo, Melanie Griffith goes undercover in a Chasidic community in A Stranger Among Us, and Andy Garcia investigates an anti-Semitic murder in Homicide (There is still room for a Jewish firefighter movie…).One of the aspects of her book that make the haters hate hate hate hate hate is that Kondo recommends "thanking" each of your items before discarding them.Yes, it may be a little hokey to thank your oven mitts for a job well done, but it does make you feel less guilty about tossing them. And gym shoes lead to health, fitness, and long walks with good friends.Well, I just found that list this year, and I'm retroactively ticked off about it.There are a whole lot more movies about tough Jews than that.No movie yet …) to Barney Ross and Max Baer (unfairly maligned in Cinderella Man).The Israeli victims of the Munich Olympics massacre included three weightlifters and two wrestlers.

They may have made me look like a tourist, but at least when I'm wearing them, I look like a happy tourist and not a "my feet are killing me so please don't make me ;go to one more stinkin' museum" tourist.But all of a sudden, I'm feeling nostalgic for my old guys.If you read my blogs, you might know I've become obsessed with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo."Thank you, oven mitts, for keeping my hands from getting burned as I baked cookies for my friends. I hope you make someone else very happy." Thanking items before discarding them allows you to think about how items have more than their face value. So I'd like to use this post to thank my old gym shoes. According to my Fitbit, which I've worn daily since November 2013, I've walked nearly 3,000 miles over the past three years.And these gym shoes have literally supported me every step of the way (except for those somewhat painful mid-workday walks with coworkers when I'm wearing flats).

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    I have really seen the hands of God over my life and family. Can’t wait for I know that since the days of John the baptist the church suffers violence and the violent shall take it by force.

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