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The SHPO is the principal entity charged with the responsibility of nominating properties for listing on the National Register.Other public entities, however, can play a role in the listing process.Its essential purpose is to identify, rather than to protect the historical and cultural resources of our nation.As a result, listing in the National Register is primarily honorific, meaning that it does not impose substantive restraints on how a private property owner may use his or her property.Finally, officially-recognized tribes that have been designated by the National Park Service as Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs) may assume the duties of a SHPO, including National Register nominations.

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Regulations setting forth the criteria and procedures for the listing of properties as NHLs are published in the Code of Federal Regulations at 36 C. The National Register is maintained by the Secretary of the Interior through the NPS.The database can be searched by name, architect, significant person, multiple property submission name, location, Federal agency and theme.In addition, all National Register listings are posted in the Federal Register.Many SHPOs provide lists of consultants who specialize in the preparation of National Register nominations. In the case of historic districts, a majority of property owners must object to the designation.The Maryland Historical Trust, for example, posts a list of consultants on its website. Objections must be made through the submission of a notorized statement signed by all objecting property owners to the SHPO.

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