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Okay, so he had been a late bloomer, a slow learner. And he was MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith going to wear his new pants and an ironed shirt, a real tie that his mother had given him last Christmas, and his brand new sports jacket to the most wonderful event he could imagine. Matt felt himself shrink—then, with a kick in the butt from Uncle Joe, straightened up and felt better. And then, before Matt knew what was happening, he was being hustled out the door. Then he ran around to his side of The Junk Heap and got in himself. But”—in a suddenly serious voice—“I think I know what you mean. If his heart could have been pounding any harder, it would have started pounding. “Tell the truth, I think the most incredible thing that's happened to me is . Then she raised her head and Matt could have sworn that there was a sheen of unshed tears in her eyes. “We were playing the Ridgemont Cougers and the score was tied and I was desperate. “Thank you so much,” she said taking the rose, while Matt wondered suddenly if he should have bought her a whole bouquet—he could see the sign on the basket now, and they were only a dollar more because the rose in them was a miniature—or maybe an all white rose to go with her outfit. Why not just buy her a red rose and make the colors clash completely? Finally, he sneaked a peek at Elena and from her hand over her mouth and her crinkled up eyes he saw that she was having the same problem, and that immediately made it twice as bad. And in the end, you will prevail over the darkness and shine anew. There was a rumor that Elena Gilbert never went out if she didn't pay half. Most of his buddies were practically broke in autumn—besides it was a half hour drive for them. It was after —no wonder that waiter was so mad—and his mom would be asleep by now. Blowing over one hundred dollars in one night with Elena Gilbert. “Oh,” Elena said after he'd made a turn away from town, “are we going somewhere before the restaurant? I hope you like it.” For the first time, Elena laughed out loud, glancing at him sideways. Oh crap, now I'm getting really sentimental, Matt thought. And from what he'd heard, Elena wasn't too holy, either, but she sure looked like an angel. ” Elena asked, her finger tracing a tiny flaw in the tablecloth. You mean something I've felt with cars—but I've never been able to describe.” She went on talking, but Matt wasn't even in the room anymore. But she wagged her finger at him in a scholarly way. What about that game against the Bullfinches, when you threw a 50 MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith yard touchdown pass? The clock was running down and suddenly I had this crazy, grandiose idea, and I—” “Ran to the right to fake giving the ball to Greg Fleisch, the halfback,” Elena interrupted smoothly. MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith “One fresh, long-stemmed Florentine rose,” the gypsy girl said “and a double love fortune. Finally, the gypsy lady stopped muttering and spoke to Elena. Beware of dark young men and of old bridges.” Elena bowed gravely in her seat. ” Matt felt a rush of passionate relief that came out as rather silly laughter. ” “Of course.” Elena stroked her cheek with the bloom. Could it have somehow got taken in with his laundry? She'd actually confirmed that to him when he'd gotten up the courage to stammer out the words, “Will you go out with me next Saturday? She sent out pheromones; she conformed with the perfect image of the perfect girl that was somehow woven into every Caucasian boy's genes, or else that was propagandized into them by the time they were three years old. ” Matt hadn't even realized that there was any bread. Now he broke off a hunk and spread it lavishly with butter, suddenly remembering that he hadn't eaten any lunch. “It's one of the four food groups,” he informed her earnestly, hoping she wouldn't think he was crazy.. He could MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith suggest they share the spinach salad, which was only . Then even if she wanted a desert, he'd have plenty to indulge her— but wait, there were the drinks. That sparkling water was a bottle—each Coke was . Hell, he thought, I can just “get a stomach-ache” and not be able to order any entrée, he thought. Matt only calmed down when he remembered he probably should have gotten the white rose, to go with Elena's outfit. But Elena was still laughing, “Meredith would have taken her to pieces,” Elena gasped finally. Now, if she had, say the chicken and wild mushroom piccatta—he felt he had the menu memorized by now—that would be .

At just-sixteen young Matt's thoughts about girls and cooties had not entirely separated. just thinking her name made him feel as if were bathed in sunlight. With that marvelous golden hair that floated halfway down her back, with her skin, the color of apple blossoms, even after tanning season, with her eyes like luminous, gold-flecked blue pools, and her lips . ” Elena said softly, “That's one of my favorites.” One of her favorites. Matt escorted her to the car and opened the passenger door for her as quickly as he could and got her settled in. “Why, Matthew MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith Honeycutt, you're blushing! That must have been incredible.” He looked at his plate. tonight.” Immediately, Elena's mocking laughter cut him down to size—but that wasn't happening. She was looking down at her round white plate and blushing. But my dad—he was a tight end with Clemson, and he helped them win the Orange Bowl. Dad has a lot of records, you know, most passes caught in a game, most passes caught in a season, most touchdowns caught in a season, most touchdowns caught in a career—” Matt found himself staring. “Well, I bet you don't know about my real moment of glory,” he said. The gypsy added quickly, “And of course it comes with a love fortune—for each of you.” Elena was opening her mouth, and Matt could tell that she was going to send the flower seller away. ” and she shut her mouth, and looked a little sober for a moment before smiling. He knew he couldn't laugh, either roaring or giggling—but he almost couldn't hold it in. Not now, while the gypsy lady was poring over their out-thrust palms, going, “Hmm,” and “I zee,” and “But yez, of course,” in a fake French accent. Finally he had to admit that nothing else but the bare fact mattered. And the terrible thing was that it hadn't had to happen this way. Oh, God, she wouldn't speak to him for the rest of his life.

Coming down those stairs all dressed up was a regular occasion for her, smiling down at a guy was a everyday thing. He and Elena were going to have a wonderful evening together. “Listen, I want you to make sure you keep warm—” Aunt Judith was beginning, when Elena, never taking her eyes off his, said, “Hello, Matt.” Her voice was sweet, with just a trace of a southern accent that lingered in your ears. another scent that must just be her natural fragrance, eau de Elena. We'd have to save up, though—in winter we can make snow people! I want you to meet them all: Meredith, and Bonnie, and Caroline.” She held up a finger sternly. He didn't care, either, because it felt as if he were headed straight for Heaven.

Elena smiled at him as she came down the stairs and for just a moment Matt thought about all the other guys she had smiled at that way. She says we always say .men' when we mean and women' so we're all used to using .people' for everything by now. But I have first dibs.” Matt didn't know where he was going.

It was also lucky that his car knew the way to the flower shop all by itself, because his brain definitely wasn't there to direct it. “Well, I can see I'd better keep you from getting mad at me,” Matt said, and Elena laughed again, showing the even white pearls of her teeth. He was just going to say something when someone behind him coughed with malice aforethought. At least it was only one Caesar's, at fifteen dollars. He could have it for his entrée—Matt knew you could do that—and it would only be six dollars. Matt spoke up, “I—I mean we—we—we'd each like half—” “We'd like to split a Caesar's,” Elena said calmly, barely glancing at the waiter. The light from a chandelier shone over her left shoulder, framing her in rainbow light. But I see a time of darkness of the heart for you, too, before you move on. Matt could feel another flush beginning, but this one was for two reasons.

Elena talked MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith without chattering, and without leaving any awkward pauses when he had to gulp in air. It was like being with your favorite relative, only better. The waiter came back, but Elena waved him off with a languid hand. This year he'd had to take a drama class to fill out his schedule, and they were performing “Two Gentlemen of MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith Verona.” Matt just couldn't get his mind into the play. “I don't think,” she said, “that anybody could stay mad at you for long.” Matt didn't know what to say. All those losers who only want to go on dates with her because of her looks, are just missing the whole damn ballgame. the world's perfect person: smart, and witty, and fun, and . MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith “Were Monsieur et Mademoiselle zinking of ordering at zis point? “I guess it's about time to look at our menus,” Elena said, putting her hand over her mouth to not-quite hide a giggle. She looked at him over her curled-up hand and then they were both laughing hysterically, fighting for air. “Oh, well,” Elena raised her eyebrows indifferently. Waiting is what he's paid to do.” This was the first time Matt had seen the . He'd just make himself a sandwich when he got home. MATT & ELENA: FIRST DATE: PART 1/Smith Matt wished he had some way to capture the image forever. “Um.” Matt's first impulse was to check if there were dog hairs on his jacket or something. I have absolutely no idea what I was trying to say.” “I think Britches is a perfectly respectable name.” Elena said. A feeling like slow, sweet molasses, crept out from her touch and into his veins, sustaining him. You will always be ready to put your love's interest ahead of your own.” “Um, thanks,” Matt said, wondering if she expected him to tip her, but she said, “For potions, love or hex, visit me in Heron, at my shop . Normally, there would have been a third, an embarrassment about how to word what he needed to say, but his need to figure things out was so urgent that he simply said, “Would you excuse me a minute, please? Matt spent the next ten minutes in the most frantic and most intimate skin search of his life .

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