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The Midlands Wing Chun School is a full time teaching facility and is operated by Master Abid Mahmood.Master Mahmood has been training in the Art of Wing Chun for over 30 years and is proud to represent the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu assoc.We encourage the children to study hard at school and to be respectful of others. The method of madness in using only one arm for defending with.Essentially this methodology develops ambidexterity. There's only one percent of people who are able to use both left and right hand equally and independently.This is just a short clip from a very detailed 3 hour seminar of footwork and sparring.As always it can be taken out of context as many other points were discussed before and following this section.He developed very efficient footwork skills to be able to deal with the huge aggression and pressure that larger and more intimidating individuals would exert.

Just love his honest and down earth approach no gimmicks simply a fist in your face. Its customery for me to invite Master James to to deliver a Seminar at The Midlands Wing Chun Academy to share his wealth of knowledge & experience with my students..At the Midlands Wing Chun School we aim to make Wing Chun training accessible to all.We will do our best, regardless of your ability, to get the most from the training possible.Note that the weight toward to lead leg is essentially the exact same basic forward stance that every Wing Chun student is familiar with, it is, however, reversed.This allows for control of the opponents lead leg in certain positions.

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