Dating sites for 11-12 year olds

He says other cities will be added, but they need enough restaurants and enough users.The site focuses on age-themed dinners of 10 people rather than matching individuals, he says.And everybody's getting into the act — even the AARP.The 54-year old nonprofit, best known for lobbying on behalf of the 50 crowd, for the last several years has been repackaging itself to appeal more to the younger end of its constituency: a quarter of the group's 37 million members are single and more than half of the singles are younger than 70, AARP says.

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Grouper's Waxman says his site is aimed at simplicity, which appeals to the young adults it serves.

By the end of this year, officials say the site will have hosted nearly 2,000 events with 150,000 singles. Plentyof Fish, a free online site, also hosts face-to-face events."I think what people have reached is a saturation point of wanting to do everything digitally," says Andrew Connell, president of Dinner Date, that launched in January.

"A lot of people were saying 'it just feels like work.' "Dinner Date currently operates just in San Diego.

It costs about to take, and my parents paid for mine.

You could also shovel in winter, rake leaves in fall, walk dogs, mow lawns, wash cars, get a job at a nearby pet shelter (they occasionally take in teenagers to help out).

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