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In conclusion, I would consider it unlikely that a single copper implant would prove fatal to a healthy tree; an old or already debilitated tree may prove to be more susceptible.

I had a young witch hazel tree in my garden for some years which was flourishing, so much so that I needed to support one of the branches.

And high concentrations of copper salts have long been used to spray on plants as effective fungicides (e.g. At best the copper object may help to inhibit fungal attack near the wound, which would usually heal with time.

Of course the copper could be a problem later if the tree is sawn for timber.

Implanting a piece of copper in a tree trunk will only affect such vital processes if the copper is transported from the implant to the roots and shoots. The first is in the xylem, the woody tissue that forms the bulk of the tree trunk (wood) but also forms the main transport route for water from the soil, via the roots to the leaves.

Movement here is controlled by the rate of water loss from the leaf and this process is regulated by stomata on the under surface of the leaf.

Whether it’s checking, savings, credit cards, Pay Pal, investments, retirement accounts or many other personal finance accounts, is your one stop shop to manage them all. Before I go into specifics, let me say that there is a difference between liking a product and liking what it for you.If so, these will not easily pass across biological membranes and inhibit metabolic activity.Copper movement from leaves, via the phloem is very slow so the redistribution via this tissue from an implant would also be slow.In order to kill a tree, a toxin must interfere with cell division in the regions from which a tree grows - root and shoot tips and the cambium, a ring of dividing cells inthe stem and roots.In addition, inhibition of a vital process such as photosynthesis will have a similar deleterious effect.

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