Bisexual female for male dating

Seriously, stop trying to make her something she’s not.This might be a new concept to most people, but women don’t do things just to get attention from men and other women.Jared is also not representative of all bisexual people because he's not fucking bisexual.Y'know who doesn't speak for all bisexual people? Even bisexual people don't speak for all bisexual people.But that's not a good enough reason to act on it and give up the other important aspects of your life and relationship.Jared sounds like he's a lil' bit homophobic/queerphobic.

Liking both men and women doesn’t make her attracted to every single person that strolls past.If it's a good relationship, it's not going to fall apart just because the bi person somehow decided "whoops today I'm into lady stuff". Its that a woman and give a man anything a man can give and more ("KIDS" and a "NORMAL LIFE").I mean if i were a bisexual i would definitely take the easy road and get married to a woman and have kids. I don't know who "Jared" is, but he seems like a gay man who doesn't understand what bisexuality is like or what a real relationship is like.Being straight-passing also means that, if you're part of queer circles, you don't get the bisexual prejudice from other queer people.I'm a queer woman who likes men and women but I overwhelmingly date men because it's just easier.

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